People and Cities

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Humans live in many environments, an incredibly adaptive species with the ability to move across vast distances, endure the harshness of nature, and master the rhythms of place. Only recently, in the grand scheme of things, did humans begin building our own environments: civilization. With this human development came the rest of the world as we know it today. These are photos of a few places I have visited around the world that capture some of the products of a complex history of the modern world.

 People and Cities People and Cities   Temple Mount - Jerusalem  Mosque in Istanbul  Street Artist - Cadiz Onlookers Sevilla, Spain Florence, Italy   Cairo Prayer - Cairo Amman, Jordan People and Cities People and Nature End of the day Vendors People and Cities The Western Wall - Jerusalem Pompeii

People and Cities Skateboarder - Pisa Galata bridge

Home     People and Nature      Nature     Forest in Motion     Family and Friends


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